Geospatial Surveying AND Layout, llc.



Boundary Survey

 A Boundary Survey is a process carried out to determine property lines and define true property corners of a parcel of land described in a deed. It also indicates the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show the limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations. 

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey: A survey that measures the elevation of points on a particular piece of land, and presents them as contour lines on a plot. A survey that determines ground relief and location of natural and man-made features thereon. 

Flood Elevation Certificate

 The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Elevation Certificate (EC) is an administrative tool of the NFIP which is to be used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with community floodplain management ordinances, to determine the proper insurance premium rate, or support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Amendment based on fill (LOMR-F) 

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey

An ALTA Survey shows the boundaries of the property, the location of improvements on the subject property, including any and all structures, fences, utility lines, roads, etc., along with the location of any/all easements. This is one of the most detailed surveys available, often at a greater cost than other survey types, and while it’s not mandated for every land purchase, there are certainly times when you should consider paying the extra money for an ALTA survey.

Construction Layout

Construction Layout, also known as a Site Layout Survey, is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed new structures such as roads or buildings. Construction staking is performed to ensure a project is built according to engineering design plans. 

Deformation Monitoring

Deformation monitoring (also referred to as deformation survey) is the systematic measurement and tracking of the alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object as a result of stresses induced by applied loads. 


sUAS Drone Aerial Mapping

GSL is excited to offer several services utilizing a drone with a 4k camera.  We provide orthomosaics (orthophotos), phodar (like lidar only based on photogrammetric analysis of from imagery), mapping, surface models and several other deliverables.  

Gps Control Networks

As-Built Surveys

Earthwork Volume Computations

3D Surface Models

Precision Alignment